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Why Retreat?

Posted by on Feb 21, 2016 at 3:28 am

Retreat is a common word in Christian language. It is used to describe pulling back from the world and examining our life in the light of the Gospel. Are you uncomfortable with words like “retreat?”


March 18-20 we are hosting our first ever “Inheritance: Learning the Love of the Lord,” retreat.

Maybe retreat is seen as defeat? We don’t like to think of ourselves as defeated. We might like to think of advancing. Why can’t I go forward? Why do I have to go backward?


It was St. Ignatius of Loyola who most purposefully used the word “retreat.” St. Ignatius, before his conversion, was consumed with stories of knightly glory and worldly valor. After his conversion St. Ignatius took terminology and ideas into his life of Christian service. In military terms, retreat is not about defeat but rather pulling back from the fight in order to go back into the battle.

When out of the battle on retreat the goal is four fold.

  1. to be rested.
  2. to be healed of any wounds from battle.
  3. to receive intelligence on what the enemy is doing.
  4. to receive new information on what your commander wishes you to do.

Join us by contacting Monica, our campus minister catholicjacks [at]


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