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When a Kiss isn’t just a Kiss.

Posted by on Dec 19, 2014 at 9:55 pm


Imagine a husband and wife who get into an argument:


“You told me this at the Jenson’s.”

“No, it was at the Larson’s.”

“I’m pretty sure I remember us talking about it at the Jenson’s.”

“Nope. Larson’s. Because Steve was curious about the details.”

“Why do you always contradict me?”

“Contradict you? I thought you wanted to talk more on things like this? Am I supposed to know what you’re thinking ALL the time?”

“You have no sense of what makes me upset? You have no sense.”

“A, c’mon, it wasn’t that bad.” <<leans in and gives a kiss>>

<<stone cold stare in return>>


Such an interaction is easily imagined, and it is useful to illustrate a point. A sign of communion when we haven’t reconciled is a false sign that is hurtful. A spouse who receives affection when there is lingering tension and unresolved conflict isn’t likely to receive such affection with any joy or gladness whatsoever. A spouse who gives that affection knows that it is a false sign and hopes the other spouse will gloss over the indiscretion in favor of the kiss.


Now imagine, instead of husband and wife, it is a Catholic soul going to Holy Communion when they haven’t sought confession for mortal sins.


When we go to Holy Communion with unconfessed mortal sins, we are making a mockery of this intimate gift our Lord offers. We abuse His Divine generosity and presume that this action of devotion is good enough to cover up our offense against Him and His Church. It is not enough. When we are aware of mortal sin or grave matter, we have a responsibility to our own soul and to our relationship with God to seek confession.


If it has been a while, prepare and go to confession before Christmas. If you are aware of mortal sin (serious violation of the 10 Commandments), prepare and go to confession before Christmas. Father has plenty of times available in your area.


And then come back to Holy Communion. Merry Christmas.

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