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Vacation, all I ever wanted…

Posted by on Aug 3, 2007 at 3:37 am

I’m down in St. Louis and Memphis for a visit to my brother’s new digs and a wedding. Very exciting, especially after a busy couple of weeks in Aberdeen (though no work on St. Mary’s website yet).

Tonight, my brother, his wife and I were talking and it was late. My brother wanted to make a sandwich for work tomorrow.

Problem. No more peanut butter.

Solution. His wife and I head out to Schnucks (ahh…southern names!).

As we head out, I’m thinking: “10pm, clerics, traveling with a woman…prudent? Too tired to change, lets go!”

We get the peanut butter and some apples for my drive to Memphis. As we leave Schnucks, an employee comes up to me: “Excuse me, are you some kind of minister or something?” It turns out “A” is in serious marital trouble. We talked a bit and “A” seemed genuine and contrite. He knew that he hadn’t been a good husband to “R” but didn’t want to loose her. It was actually very moving.

Thank you Lord Jesus, Divine Physician, for the gift of encountering “A”‘s earnest desire for you within my priesthood. Thank you Jesus, Great High Priest, for an envigorating and rejuvinating beginning to my vacation.

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