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The Spirit of Hobo Day

Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 at 12:54 pm

It is getting near Halloween and once again our culture displays its obsession with spirits, ghosts, and unseen powers. All sorts of new movies none of us needed. Television shows– both documentaries and series– about violence and evil.

One thing we can say about this obsession is that our reaction to it is illogical. Think about it for a moment. In these movies and other shows there is a concern over what happens when unseen spirits or powers attack unwitting victims. Yet, every week people deliberately expose themselves to evil spirits. This is illogical.

Let’s think about drunkenness for a moment.

When one deliberately gets drunk, then she is deliberately exposing herself to a couple of spirits: first,oblivion– he doesn’t want to know what he’s doing, second, rebellion– she knows it is a mortal sin and she does it anyway. Most importantly, when deliberately drunk your guard is down so any spirit that proposes itself to you is often welcomed. Destruction. Hatred. Lust. Depression. Sacrilege. And more.

Scary, isn’t it.

Drinking is not a sin. I will have a beer after my marathon. I will have a beer or two tailgating with people at Hobo Day. I will not get drunk.

Drunkenness is mortal sin that jeopardizes our salvation. Drunkenness exposes us to further evil spirits that could fill up a horror flick.

Let us pursue the sober intoxication of the Spirit of Jesus, the Spirit of Love that flows within the Holy and Blessed Trinity.”

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