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Let me get that for you…

Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 at 5:42 pm

I came across a comment on chivalry recently. Men should honor women because they have the capacity to give to us and to the world something that no man can. Woman have the capacity to bear life.

Not just the physical gestation of a child but to bear life. A mother does not simply carry a baby like I carry my cell phone. The baby is in their hearts and minds in a way that no other thing or person is. The type of tender love that a mother bears for her child makes all the difference in the world. We portray this truth all the time in movies- the love of a parent is irreplaceable.

So men, why be chivalrous? Because that woman will, is or has given the world something that you never can, life. Their nurture and care makes all the difference in the world so can’t you make a difference in her world? Open the door. Let her ahead of you in line. Give her a better seat. If she’s visibly pregnant, offer her anything.

At the very least, honor your own mother. Men, none of us will ever repay our own mother for the gift of life. Even if she was uncaring or hurt you, you are still alive. So be thankful by adopting the posture of chivalry. Be a man of justice by being a chivalrous man. Repay the dept you can never fully repay- to your own mom, to the mothers of your friends, to the mother of your bride, to the mother of your children, and even to the Mother of the Savior.

Let me get that for you…

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