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Denis Leary’s actions have no class.

Posted by on Jan 20, 2011 at 12:44 am

From the Catholic League comes this report.

On January 16, Comedy Central aired “Denis Leary & Friends Present Douchebags & Donuts.” On January 18, Comedy Central Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment released the DVD nationwide. The opening segment of this video is addressed by Bill Donohue today:

The standup special opens with a clip of Pope Benedict XVI talking to a crowd. But there is a voice-over that is dubbed in to make it seem like he is discussing priestly sexual abuse. Leary then appears on a stage with a large illuminated Cross in the background; he prances around extending his middle finger at it. On stage with him is a singing trio of women dressed as nuns in habit wearing short skirts.”

It gets worse from there. Suffice to say I don’t frequent Comedy Central other than a rare trip to the Colbert Report but now even that will end unless there is an appropriate response from Comedy Central.

“Comedy Central released this hate-filled video right after President Obama called for an end to incivility. In effect, they stuck their middle finger in his face…Contact Renata Luczak, the director of Comedy Central’s Home Entertainment: renata [dot] luczak [at]”

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