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At the school of Mary, Disciple of Jesus

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 at 2:10 pm

What would it be like to live when Jesus lived?

In the Scriptures we often hear of sinners, tax collectors, lepers and others who encountered Jesus. They were forgiven and healed and then gratefully followed after Him. Can you imagine what that was like?

maryHeartImagine Mary of Magdalene, “from whom seven demons had gone out” (Luke 8:2) and how tentative she was in this company. What were the questions in her head and heart? “How do I fit in? What do I do NOW? I never thought I’d be free, but now I am! So what now?”

You could also imagine other figures: the blind man of Jericho, Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52). What about Levi/Matthew, the tax collector who cooperate with the occupying Roman government(Matthew 9:9-13)- did he feel awkward living with the people he used to oppress?

Now imagine yourself in that company. Aware of your own sins. Knowing you’ve been forgiven but not knowing how to live in that forgiveness. What happens?

Think of the Blessed Virgin Mary, disciple of Jesus. Think of how she would love the various and motley company who followed after her Son and Lord. Think of she delighted in helping hearts learn what it meant to abide in the love of her Son. Ask her to do the same for you now.

Mary, teach me to learn from you what it is like to live in the love of your Son, Jesus. Immaculate Heart of Mary, cause of our Joy, pray for us.

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