Marriage Prep




Now that you’re engaged you need to prepare, not just for your wedding but for your marriage as well. Your wedding will last a weekend but your marriage will last the rest of your life, what are you doing to prepare? To be married as a Catholic you must begin the preparation process at least 6 months in advance (9 months under some bishop’s). So contact your parish as soon as possible.

Pius XII Newman Center offers marriage preparation for you and your fiancé while you’re here at SDSU. Attend one of our three Marriage Preparation Introduction Nights to begin. The first step is to contact Fr. Andrew Dickinson by calling the parish (605-692-9461) or emailing him (get address from bulletin) to set up a time. Then you'll meet with him to get started.

If you choose to attend our marriage preparation classes, they begin at 7pm and meet on Thursdays in the basement on the following days:
February 14
February 21
February 28
March 7 (No class, SDSU spring break)
March 14
March 21






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