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What happens on spring break…

Posted by on Mar 6, 2015 at 6:59 pm

The parking lots are thinning out…

Many of you have already left…

It’s spring break. You’ve been waiting for it. Dreaming of it. Longing for it’s arrival and now it is here. 1spring break

Just a fatherly word of advice:

What happens on Spring Break comes back with you from Spring Break.

It is right that we look forward to breaks. Man was not made for work, he was made for Sabbath- created on the 6th day our first full day was the 7th day, the first ever sabbath. Now, work is not bad- our Lord and Savior did not disdain to be known as the son of a carpenter. Yet it is right for us to long for rest.

One thing I’ve learned is that when I plan for and look forward to a break, I often forget to invite God into my break. When I forget to invite our Lord into my breaks I often find myself frustrated. When I do not have a solid plan of prayer on my breaks I find temptation increases. When I do not seek to serve Jesus Christ- even in my leisure- I feel as if the break was wasted.

So, the question is…did you invite God into your Spring Break plans? Did you consecrate your Spring Break so as to receive rest and recreation from the hand of God’s providence? Or have you tried to plan your Spring Break apart from God?


pope francis massIt is not too late to invite our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into your Spring Break experience. We do have to avoid explicitly evil things: drunkenness, fornication, licentiousness, spiritual sloth (lack of prayer and avoiding Sunday Mass). We would not want those evil things and their repercussions to follow us home from Spring Break. We do also need to do explicitly good things while on Spring Break: works of charity, prayer, and Sunday Mass. We would want these good things to follow us home.


God bless your Spring Break, whenever you have it!

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