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Homily from 8/26/2018

Posted by on Aug 26, 2018 at 7:30 pm

In the light of troubling news and troubling accusations within the Body of Christ, the Church, what shall we do? We must not forget that Jesus purifies his Church. In Ephesians 5 we hear about how He purifies Her with Water and the Word. Our Lord is still purifying His Church. What shall we do? Who will listen to us?

The One who hears is the same One who has counted every hair on our heads. We will be troubled, but we must not loose faith.

Also, if you have been hurt by anyone in any way, whether by Church, by school or by family, that hurts needs to carefully be brought to the light of day. You deserve justice. How can I help you bring your hurt to the light of Christ and to justice?

And, a little comfort from St. John of the Cross:
“Fire, when applied to wood, first dehumidifies it, dispelling all moisture and making it give off any water it contains. Then it gradually turns the wood black, makes it dark and ugly, and even causes it to emit a bad odor. By drying out the wood, the fire brings to light and expels all those ugly and dark accidents that are contrary to fire. Finally, by heating and enkindling it from without, the fire transforms the wood into itself and makes it as beautiful as it is itself.” St. John of the Cross”


Readings taken from the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time.



Homily for Mass of the Assumption 8/15/18

Posted by on Aug 16, 2018 at 12:28 pm

What consolation is offered to us, in the midst of our struggles? We can read our current struggles in the light of the message of our Lady of Fatima. Evil is immense, but our Lord is greater. Our Lady’s Assumption is the motherly guarantee of God’s goodness triumphant.

This homily references a quote from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI:

“As for the new things which we can find in this message today, there is also the fact that attacks on the Pope and the Church come not only from without, but the sufferings of the Church come precisely from within the Church, from the sin existing within the Church. This too is something that we have always known, but today we are seeing it in a really terrifying way: that the greatest persecution of the Church comes not from her enemies without, but arises from sin within the Church, and that the Church thus has a deep need to relearn penance, to accept purification, to learn forgiveness on the one hand, but also the need for justice. Forgiveness does not replace justice. In a word, we need to relearn precisely this essential: conversion, prayer, penance and the theological virtues. This is our response, we are realists in expecting that evil always attacks, attacks from within and without, yet that the forces of good are also ever present and that, in the end, the Lord is more powerful than evil and Our Lady is for us the visible, motherly guarantee of God’s goodness, which is always the last word in history.”  (source)

Readings came from the Mass of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.



Homily from August 5, 2018

Posted by on Aug 6, 2018 at 3:52 pm

Why are there bad shepherds?

What does the Good Shepherd do in response?
What can we do in response?
Join Fr. Andrew in a day of prayer and fasting, August 8th, for three intentions:
  1. Reparation of the sins of our Bishops
  2. For the light of Christ to reveal corruption
  3. For our eventual new bishop in SD
Readings were taken from the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, year C.